Masai Mara 2019

Over past few days I have spent the time at a great place called the The Masai Mara, stayed at The Zebra Plains Lodge and with some amazing Masai drivers Arayou Benson Arayou Dominique and Arayou John.

The camera kit I travelled with are as follows:

Fujifilm XT3

Fujifilm XT2

Fujinon 18-135

Fujinon 100-400

Fujinon 200

Loawa 9mm

Nikon D500

Nikkor 200-500

A big thanks shout out to Fujifilm South Africa for the Fujinon 200mm

March 2019

Morning Run

Calendar 2019


January- February 2019

Toyota 3 Provinces

Lightning Photos

June 2018

Kgalagadi Trip Photos Nov 2017 

Sunrise 29-8-2017

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