Good Morning

November 2021

Watercolor Sketches

These are some of my water color sketches.

Daily Photos March April May June 2021

Morning swim 28 Feb 2021

GDome and IPhone6s

Recently got a GDome mobile and got into the water with it. Will be posting more photos from this amazing rig in days to come.

Nikon AW300 photos

Swimming in the mornings with some friends. So good to be back in the water.

Masai Mara 2019

Over past few days I have spent the time at a great place called the The Masai Mara, stayed at The Zebra Plains Lodge and with some amazing Masai drivers Arayou Benson Arayou Dominique and Arayou John.

The camera kit I travelled with are as follows:

Fujifilm XT3

Fujifilm XT2

Fujinon 18-135

Fujinon 100-400

Fujinon 200

Loawa 9mm

Nikon D500

Nikkor 200-500

A big thanks shout out to Fujifilm South Africa for the Fujinon 200mm

March 2019

Morning Run

Calendar 2019


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